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A matter of perspective - Not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be
A matter of perspective
cassielsander: I was talking to someone today who only knows Timothy Dalton from Hot Fuzz.

off_coloratura: This is someone who's never seen him as James Bond?

cassielsander: Or in The Lion In Winter.

off_coloratura: Is there anyone who ISN'T in The Lion In Winter?

cassielsander: Or as that Doctor Who villain. Rashomon?

off_coloratura: Rassilon.

Me: Rashomon would be a very different villain.

off_coloratura: He's the villain who just keeps traveling back in time to witness the same events over and over.

Me: But always from different angles and perspectives.

cassielsander: Well, that isn't how *I* remember it.

I'm-a feelin': amused amused

1 person still hasn't weakened / Isn't it a great life?
andrewducker From: andrewducker Date: October 10th, 2013 07:25 am (UTC) (Link)
Rashomon meets The Butterfly Effect has potential, I think.
1 person still hasn't weakened / Isn't it a great life?